Rules And Regulations For Motocross Competitions

The popularity of motocross racing is steadily on the rise. Like most motorsports, there are certain rules and regulations that the participants must abide by. Here are some of the common rules and regulations for motocross competitions.

-No one on the racing team including the driver, mechanics, and manager is allowed to be under the influence of alcohol.
-Amateur riders must be at least 12 years of age
-Riders are allowed to ride in different classes, but can not ride the same Read the rest of this entry »

Requirements To Enter Any Motocross Competition

Motocross is a fun sport for all people, from small children to adults. However, there are a few basic requirements needed to enter any motocross competition.

First, you will need a motor bike suited to motocross competition with the appropriate tires for the sport. Almost every area with motocross competitions has at least one dealer who can help you make sure that your bike is up to par. It is good to make contacts with dealers because they often sponsor events and individuals Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross Major Events And World Championships Within Past Ten Years

Motocross enthusiasts reflecting on the last decade in the sport list Motocross of Nations as an annual highlight. The event, billed as the Olympics of motocross, brings together the major players in the sport from all over the world.

Held in various countries, a popular misconception about the event is that the United States dominates each year. While the United States sends three premier racers to compete each year, American hopefuls don’t always come out on top.

In 2003, Belgium began a two year run with the racing prowess Read the rest of this entry »

Starting Out in Motocross

Whether you’re new to motocross or this site is the first you’re hearing of it, you’re in for a wild ride. It’s picking up steam in markets all over the country as new fans young and old flock to the game. It’s cheap, it’s easy to learn and it’s all about having a good time. What’s not to love? Quit researching, put off painting the garage and get out there – here’s where to start. Get a Mentor: You don’t necessarily have to pay for a coach when you’re starting out in Motocross but you’re going to want a teacher. Ask a friend who’s more experienced or head to your local track and just watch – you’ll make friends fast and someone will help you. Get the right Equipment: The only part of motocross that’s not cheap is buying the bikethe rest pales in comparison. Many tracks offer rentals so you can get a feel for what kind of bike you want. Also, consider buying used at first since you’ll likely wreck once or twice. Tournament Style: Take in a tournament! Nothing gets you revved up like an afternoon at the track.

Most Famous Motocross Riders And Their Profiles

Motocross riding, is a famous sport that embraces everybody. A sport full of fun for both adults and children, motorsport is full of excitement both to the rider and supporters. Some of the famous names in motor cross riding include Ricky Carmichael, McGrath and even Travis Pastrana. These motocross icons make it possible for supporters to have the desire to emulate them.

Ricky Carmichael with his erratic driving technique, can make it in both indoors and outdoor races. Notably, he performs Read the rest of this entry »

Manufacturers Of Motocross Bikes and Their Endorsements

There are a large number of manufacturers who deal with motocross bikes. The status and country bring out their difference. They supply both racetracks-only or off road-only as well as street owners with motorcycles. These manufacturers are found all over the world and manufacture the motorcycles according to demands of the sport.
These motocross bikes started existing as early as 1900. The intense competition involved in this sport puts manufacturers on toes. Modifications can be done every other time depending on the terrain. For example, rigid frames by early 1930s changed to suspensions. Then by 1950s the suspension Read the rest of this entry »

Best Places In The World To See Motocross Events

The choice depends on the type of racing. The following forms some of the best destinations for motor sporting.

Formula 1

Monaco, can be termed as the best destination for this type of competition. Its track field may be termed as glamorous and prestigious. Formula 1 races do not take precedence in America.


America forms the backbone of NASCAR. Most states in the United States, have race tracks for this sport. Examples include: Bristol motor speedway, Daytona, Darlington, Talladega and Dover.

Super bike

Australia’s, Phillip Island circuit, can be said to be the most marvelous bike track. The other Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross And Demands Of The Weather

If you’re a motocross enthusiast, you know that your plans can change at a moment’s notice based on the unpredictable weather forecast. Being an outdoor sport, motocross racing is always contingent on the weather. Track conditions can change in an instant due to accumulation of snow or rain. Many tracks this past season have had to cancel practice and racing events due to extreme weather conditions. However, when track conditions are idea for riders, the temperature may not be. Extremely hot and humid temperatures can be deadly for motocross Read the rest of this entry »

Motocross And Its Evolution And History

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